Bitcoin Output From Exchanges Continues


The number of Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawn from exchanges continues to increase without slowing down. According to some experts, this was seen as a sign of the rise of Bitcoin, but as a result of these longstanding withdrawals, Bitcoin has not yet achieved its expected rise.

Investors, who are very nervous due to the sudden activity in Bitcoin, prefer to withdraw their assets from their exchanges and transfer them to their own wallets, especially due to the technical disruptions experienced in some exchanges.

Observing the high movements in the crypto markets and sharing these movements on Twitter, the Whale Alert account has recently reported that 6,000 Bitcoins worth $ 58 million have been moved from an exchange to an unknown wallet. We have reported this kind of transfer news to you many times before. In these transfers, which saw a low transaction fee in general, the average transaction fee of $ 4.50 in the past rose to $ 26.70 in this last transfer. This is now quite remarkable, seen in the transaction fee.


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