Bitcoin Moves Again: Will $ 11,000 See?


Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, experienced a very sudden decline on September 2, falling to less than $ 10,000. This very drastic and unexpected drop in the BTC price caused fear to the market as it fell below the $ 10,000 support. Now, it is seen that the price has suddenly recovered in an unexpected way.

BTC at Highest Level in Last 10 Days

The BTC / USD trading pair is trading at $ 10,729 as of the time of writing. BTC, which reached the highest level in the last 10 days, actually provided an overall green picture to the entire cryptocurrency industry. For now, ETH has gained 4.50%, XRP 2.51%, Binance Coin 7.41%, Polkadot 8.43% and Bitcoin Cash 2.14%.

If Bitcoin’s 3.84% rise is a little higher and BTC manages to break the $ 11,000 resistance, it is thought that this could nail the altcoins to their places. The continuation of such unexpected rises of BTC generally results in investors switching to BTC and a further decrease in the prices of altcoins.

However, for the BTC price to achieve this, it must break the $ 11,000 resistance and continue its rise.

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