Bitcoin Makes Gold and Silver Smart People Richer


Renowned Bitcoin (BTC) supporter Robert Kiyosaki believed that Bitcoin, silver and gold make smart people richer, while Peter Schiff warned CNBC against silver investors.

Kiyosaki, the investment guru and author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” stated that it is the “corrupt Fed” that brought together old gold investors and young Bitcoin fans. According to Kiyosaki, the US Federal Reserve is working for Wall Street, not for the public good. Therefore, according to him, Bitcoin makes smart people richer and stronger against the Fed than gold and silver (previously mentioned as hedging against inflation risk).

Currently, Kiyosaki says that gold rose 1.3 percent per ounce and silver rose 6.7 percent per ounce. However, XAG is still fifty percent lower than the all-time high.

Kiyosaki reminds his audience that silver is cheap and easy to reach. Previously, he explained the same about Bitcoin and said that investors could stock the cryptocurrency. However, he also believes that ninety percent of his viewers will make almost no effort to increase their wealth using this data.

Could be a bull market

Gold defender Peter Schiff shared bullish signals for gold and silver. He wrote that CNBC analysts warned investors about silver as “the big bounce is a sign of a speculative bluff.”

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In fact, Schiff says this should not be interpreted otherwise, and investors should be prepared for the start of the bull market. Schiff used the following statements:

“CNBC warns its viewers not to buy silver. Analysts think the big leap is a speculative indicator. In fact, just the opposite. This is the beginning of the bull market. ”


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