Bitcoin lost nearly 11% in 24 hours ( Details )


On Thursday (25), Bitcoin suffered a strong devaluation, reaching a reduction of 10.6% in just 24 hours. Quoted at $ 50,954, it had surpassed the $ 61,000 mark earlier this month and has operated at the same level since then ($ 56,940 last Wednesday, according to CoinDesk). In Brazil, on the other hand, there was a decrease of 7.357%, according to InfoMoney, from R $ 321 thousand to R $ 289,221 in a single day.

Maturities in the house of US $ 6 billion, expected to occur on Friday (26), tend to make the virtual currency even more unstable, experts warn, as well as Tesla’s announcement, made yesterday by Elon Musk on his Twitter, of accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option for your products.

As a result, investors are eyeing sales and hoping to buy units back at lower prices – something expected to happen tomorrow. The market expectation is that the cryptocurrency will fall to a minimum of $ 44,000.

William Clemente, an analyst at The Block on Twitter, indicates what may be coming. “A record amount of Bitcoin options will expire next Friday. The previous record was in January ($ 4 billion), and the price went up 80% after that.”

Anyway, strong gains in 2021 mark the trajectory of Bitcoin, with an accumulated increase of 76% in dollars.

Wide movement

After strong declines recorded today across the cryptocurrency market, involving the 10 largest digital currencies, it is estimated a loss of US $ 160 billion, and the sector’s capitalization, according to CoinMarketCap, which totaled US $ 1.75 yesterday. trillion, reached a minimum of $ 1.59 trillion. Ethereum, the second largest, fell 8.2%.

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Analysts speculate that this is a corrective move in the face of recent highs and say there is no news to justify investor pessimism.


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