Bitcoin is in Parliament! BTC Distributed to Deputies


A Spanish cryptocurrency company sent Bitcoin to Spanish lawmakers. The project is similar to the ‘Crypto for Congress’, an educational campaign to teach US lawmakers about the digital currency.

Earlier this week, the Digital Commerce Chamber sent $ 50 of Bitcoin to every US representative and senator. Now, Spanish cryptocurrency advocates are also taking action.

Spanish newspaper ABC reported that 350 deputies in Spain’s lower house received 1 Euro worth of Bitcoin as part of a campaign by technology platform Tutellus and crypto money news site during the Congress of Deputies.

The idea is similar to the campaign in the US, although it is not clear whether it was a coincidence or not.

In the US campaign, $ 50 Bitcoin was sent to each person, the goal was to help lawmakers understand how crypto money actually works. Along with the money, a number of educational tools on Bitcoin went with it.

Similarly, Tutellus founder Miguel Caballero said, “Most of you probably have some experience in using cryptocurrencies, but we want those who are not yet familiar with the new coin to have this opportunity as well,” said Miguel Caballero.

Then Spain from Turkey

This is becoming increasingly important for Spain, a member of the euro zone. European Central Bank chief Christine Lagarde said last week that the ECB “should be ready to issue the digital euro”. The announcement comes in time for a comprehensive report on what the use of the digital euro will look like; public consultations start on October 12th.

“With a digital euro on the horizon, we believe that our MPs as representatives of our citizens should be aware of the benefits and risks of cryptocurrencies,” Caballero said.

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Spanish legislators also have to keep up with their own constituencies. after Turkey, Spain, according to a global consumer survey in Statistik compared with 7% in the US; It has one of the highest cryptocurrency adoption rates in Europe, at 10%.

The US campaign seems more likely to have an impact on legislators’ attitudes than the Spanish campaign, at least at first glance. $ 50 Bitcoin is at least enough to use it to try or buy something on their trading platform. However, a single euro value Spanish lawmakers must take does not even cover the average Bitcoin transaction fee, which is currently over $ 3.50 (2.96 euros).

Still, this move can be intriguing. And who knows? Perhaps this is the first step in Spanish lawmakers’ adoption of Bitcoin.


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