Bitcoin Investors Missing Million Dollars


A bitcoin user named Laszlo Hanyecz spent 10 thousand bitcoins on 22 May 2010 to buy 2 pizzas. These bitcoins, which cost 30 dollars at that time, are now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. This famous shopping, which is expensive in Hanyecz, is known as the “pizza story” in the cryptocurrency community. Some bitcoin investors, reminiscent of their past transactions with the rise of the bitcoin price, told their pizza stories.

From small to large; many former bitcoin investors have their own pizza story. The number of people who regret spending their bitcoins on motorcycles, rentals, telescopes, food is not a small number. The reason these people are upset is that the BTC they spent have now become much more valuable. So who do you think the names who have a pizza story like Hanyecz? Let’s take a look together.

I got coffee, it didn’t even taste good

Cryptocurrency writer Andreas M. Antonopoulos announced that he bought coffee for 5 BTC in 2012. “The coffee didn’t even taste good,” Antonopoulos said. Then, referring to the pizza day, “Everyone who owns Bitcoin has had a similar expenditure.” He commented. The comments coming under this post of Antonopoulos seem to support this.

Digital Currency Group CEO Barry Silbert said, following Andreas Antonopoulos’s statement, “I bought my child a diaper with Bitcoin, now it’s probably equivalent to school costs.” said. With this comment, other users also said what they bought with BTC: laptop, coffee, socks, pizza, sunglasses… One user said, “Let’s not talk about this.” hinted that he felt regret.

He spent his Bitcoin for space travel

Tyler Winklevoss is also among the famous names with a pizza story. Winklevoss, the founder of Gemini, said in 2014 that he purchased a BTC ticket for space travel from Virgin Galactic. According to Reuters, the cost of the space ticket at that time was $ 250,000. It can be assumed that Winklevoss paid 312.5 bitcoins for this ticket.

Stating that the value of BTC at that time was $ 800, Winklevoss said, “I will never make such a mistake again.” said. Bitcoin price has risen by 4 thousand 900 percent since then.

Paid rent with BTC

Linda Xie, co-founder of Scalar Capital and former Coinbase employee, expressed a regretful payment she made with Bitcoin. Xie said he paid 2 BTC to his roommate for rent. After Xie’s announcement, a message came from his friend who paid with Bitcoin.

In the message, it appears that his ex-roommate is hiding 2 BTC and spending some of it for school. Her friend also thanked Linda for introducing her to cryptocurrencies.

Harley Davidson buys motorcycle with 14.5 BTC

Master Ventures CEO Kyle Chassé also experienced a situation similar to Laszlo Hanyecz’s pizza story. Chassé announced that in 2015, he paid 14.5 Bitcoins for the 2012 Harley Davidson motorcycle. “This motorcycle is currently worth 500 thousand dollars.” The CEO said that this event was also a pizza story for him.

Sold 1700 Bitcoin

Software expert Greg Schoen also came up with a post he shared in 2011. In his post on May 17, 2011, “I wish I hadn’t sold the Bitcoins I bought at $ 0.06 at $ 0.30. Now it’s $ 8 each. ” used the expressions.

Six years after Greg posted this tweet, he again made a reference to his mistake and said, “I wish I could deliver a message to the way I was in the past.” This incident was recently discussed on the official Twitter account of the website. “Now I understand why there are constant notifications.” he responded to the reactions from social media.

According to what Schoen wrote on Twitter, he no longer owns Bitcoin, but he has altcoins.


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