Bitcoin investors download these apps the most


In parallel with the increase in bitcoin and crypto money prices, the number of active users of crypto money applications also broke new records.

Mobile-based cryptocurrency trading is becoming increasingly popular. According to Apptopia’s latest report, cryptocurrency apps saw record growth last month.

In the report, the top 10 crypto wallet applications with the most users in July were loaded 81.4 percent more than the same month last year. It is stated that July is the month when the highest level was seen so far, and August has the potential to surpass this. In July, the 10 most popular cryptocurrency wallet applications were downloaded approximately 3.5 million times.

These applications that broke download records recently are: Coinbase, Blockchain Wallet,, Bread Wallet, Trust Wallet, Luno, Binance, Bitcoin Wallet,, Coinbase Wallet.

According to the information, on August 20, Coinbase and saw the highest number of daily users. While this figure was 969 thousand on Coinbase, it was 576 thousand on It is also noted that there is an explosion in small applications. For example, ZenGo, which was launched just a year ago, has seen an annual increase of 10 thousand percent in the number of daily active users. On the other hand, other applications such as TronWallet, Yellow Card, Paxful and Zebpay also grew between 5 thousand and 2 thousand percent compared to July last year.

Apptopia attributes these increases to the coronavirus epidemic. However, the company argues that the popularity of cryptocurrencies in Africa is increasing, and emphasizes that this also has a large share in the growth of applications.

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