Bitcoin Investors Are Moving, They Are More Cautious Now


Bitcoin (BTC) price has risen to over $ 18,000 and cryptocurrency investors have been talking about it. Many investors have already started to question whether Bitcoin will continue to rally and how far the price will rise. So, are Bitcoin investors now as enthusiastic about the rally as they think, or are they a little more cautious?

Bitcoin (BTC) price rose above $ 18,000, attracting all the attention in recent days and excited investors. According to CoinGecko’s data, Bitcoin, which is currently traded at $ 18,166, has managed to increase by 7.3% in the last 24 hours.


Are Bitcoin investors enthusiastic about the rally?

Santiment suggested that Bitcoin investors were more enthusiastic about the 2017 rally and that investors are now taking a more cautious stance. He pointed to the bitcoin sentiment graph they shared on Twitter and stated that there was a difference between the previous rally and the present. According to Santiment’s comment, the enthusiasm seen in the investors in May 2017 is not evident in this rally. Although prices are now higher than at that time, it has been implied that there is a cloud of doubt on investors at the moment.


It was stated that this measurement of Bitcoin sensitivity, which is said to be measured in price increases, is not much different from the previous ones, but it contains an element of doubt.

In the last 24-hour data of Omenics, another company that provides sensitivity data, it is shown that Bitcoin is at a neutral level in the social field and a very bullish trend in the technical parts. The data show an overall positive picture.

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What is the index of fear and greed?

Another Bitcoin sentiment index, fear and greed index, shows that Bitcoin maintains its greed level. With a score of 91, Bitcoin had a greed rate of 90, most recently.



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