Bitcoin Investor Unveils Formula Of Becoming A Btc Whale


A popular BTC whale, one of the wealthiest known Bitcoin investors, unveiled an investment strategy that most crypto traders say they overlook.

Bitcoin (BTC) Moving In The Cycle

The Bitcoin whale, known as Joe007, says smart traders track Bitcoin’s long-term price movements, sell positions when BTC rises 10 times, and buy when Bitcoin drops 5 times from the top. Whale, known for trading with great leverage on the Bitfinex exchange, calls the method “a simple and effective investment strategy that allows anyone to become a whale within a reasonable time frame.”

While declining returns will eventually make the strategy less viable, Joe believes the 10x / 5x rule will apply at least for the next few cycles as well. The trader believes Bitcoin is currently too volatile to adopt a “buy and never sell” approach.

Joe says the recurring waves of ups and downs match the rumors about BTC. Joe007 also says that Bitcoin halves will be less important from cycle to cycle.

“Halvings may have served as the main drivers of supply / demand imbalance in the early cycles, but over time changes on the demand side will play a much larger role.”

In terms of his personal portfolio, the trader says he has invested an “insignificant” amount of fiat in Tether (USDT) to protect against “banking system failure”, as well as Bitcoin.

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