“Bitcoin Investment Will Be A Victory For Apple And BTC”


Dan Weiskopf said in an article he published that the Apple company should seriously consider investing in Bitcoin and this will result in “gain” for both parties. One support for Weiskopf’s ideas came from MicroStraregy CEO Michael Saylor.

Toroso Investments portfolio manager Dan Weiskopf said in an article published by ETF Think Tank that Apple should invest some of its cash reserves in Bitcoin. This statement of the strategist Weiskopf was shared by MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor on Twitter with his own comment.

This investment results in victory for both sides

Dan Weiskopf stated in the article he published that both sides will gain with Apple’s turning to Bitcoin. The report highlighted that for Apple, Bitcoin is a very important technological innovation for reaching new shareholders. It was also said that Bitcoin could achieve mainstream adoption thanks to Apple.

According to the earnings report published a few weeks ahead, Apple (AAPL) is currently the most valuable company in the world with a market value of $ 2 trillion. In addition, according to the data announced, Apple has approximately $ 192 billion in cash.

According to Weiskopf’s report, investing 10 to 20 billion dollars in Bitcoin may be more profitable and sustainable in the long run than Apple’s “risky and expensive” stock selling plan. In addition, as in MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin investment statements, Apple can also take measures against inflation with BTC.

“Apple has a unique opportunity to think out of the box. With its loyal ecosystem, technological expertise and financial strength, the company can stay on the same side with the most important technology trend since the discovery of the internet.
“If Apple included Bitcoin in Apple Pay…”

Raoul Pal, the founder and CEO of Real Vision Group and Global Macro Investor, has previously suggested that Apple will make a large-scale investment in Bitcoin in the coming years.

Now this call has been echoed by Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStraregy, who recently declared Bitcoin the main reserve unit. Sharing the article by Weiskopf, Saylor claimed that the technology giant Apple could increase its market value by $ 100 billion by integrating Bitcoin with its services.

According to Saylor, Apple could multiply its profits if it innovates such as integrating Bitcoin with Apple Pay, setting up a secure cryptocurrency wallet on the iPhone, and starting to buy Bitcoins with treasury reserves.


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