Bitcoin investment platform closed the site with $ 2.5 million


The so-called Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment platform Bitsonar was shut down, with its customers worth $ 2.5 million. The scandal about Bitsonar was not limited to this. The former employee, who told the platform’s CEO, “I will complain about you to the FBI,” was also recently abducted in the middle of the street.

The so-called Bitcoin investment platform Bitsonar, which is based in Ukraine and conducts intense advertising campaigns on the internet, closed with customer money worth $ 2.5 million. It is stated that the platform, which has been experiencing withdrawal problems since the beginning of 2020, has been closed since August 6.

Kidnapped when he said “I will complain about you”

There was another event that did not look like movies about this company. According to CoinDesk, the person who had been connected with this company in the past and told the CEO after leaving, “I will complain about you to many security agencies, including the FBI,” was kidnapped in a van in the middle of the street.

It was stated that the kidnapped employee was Yaroslav Shtadchenko in the incident, which took place in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, at 23rd local time.

Looking at the footage that the witnesses around were able to shoot in a very unclear way, Shtadchenko’s wife, Julia, was put in the van and said, “Help, help! No!” she said that the person who shouted was her husband.

The whereabouts of Shtadchenko, who was forced into the van when he came home from work and who were kidnapped ignoring the words of ‘let it go’ by the surrounding people, is still unknown.

“He would complain to many organizations, including the FBI.”

Shtadchenko’s wife Julia stated that before her husband was kidnapped, she called Marius Ziubka, the CEO of her former company Bitsonar, and said that she would complain to security forces in various countries, including the FBI.

Julia Shtadchenko also stated in the speech between the two that Ziubka made a proposal to Shtadchenko to resolve the issue peacefully.

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Where is still unknown

It was after this incident that Shtadchenko was kidnapped in the middle of the street in front of everyone. Julia Shtadchenko reported the situation to the police, but security forces still did not provide information about Bitsonar’s former employee’s whereabouts.

They collected 2.5 million dollars, said ‘There is control’ and closed the site.

Shtadchenko also gave an interview to Forklog, a cryptocurrency publisher in Russia, in July without using his real name, stating that Bitsonar was founded by Alexander Tovstenko, a former employee of the Ukrainian government, but that no withdrawals from the exchange have been made since the beginning of 2020. He claimed that Tovstenko had run away with investors’ funds.

Shtadchenko also told CoinDesk in July that Bitsonar collected about $ 2.5 million from investors around the world.

After these statements, the site was closed on August 6.

When asked about why users accessing the platform could not withdraw their funds, the company responded “There is control, then the problem will disappear”, but withdrawal transactions still cannot be made since February. On the other hand, it was determined in the examination of Bitsonar’s wallets that the safe was completely emptied.

Bitsonar had investors from many countries such as the USA, Canada, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands.

Popular Youtube channels have also suggested …

Considering the current influence of social media, Bitsonar has also used this medium very well. Popular Youtube channels such as MMCrypto, CryptoTV, CryptoJoker and Ivan On Tech have also advertised Bitsonar many times in the past and recommended it to users. The Ivan On Tech channel later removed these videos from its platform.

“I gave 100 thousand dollars by hand”

Vladimir Chaika, a Ukrainian investor, told Tovstenko that he handed over $ 100,000 for the promise of 11 percent profit per month. Chaika also informed that she was never able to get her money back.

It is also among the information that there are 564 Bitcoin addresses linked to Bitsonar and that all of them are currently empty.


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