Bitcoin Investment by Norwegian Oil Billionaire


Norwegian oil billionaire Kjell Inge Rokke said the bitcoin price could one day rise to “millions of dollars”. Aker, owned by Rokke, established a new $ 58 million company to enter the cryptocurrency market.

Founded in 1841, Aker ASA establishes a new company called Seetee. The company, which will initially have a capital of $ 58 million, will invest in Bitcoin and form partnerships with blockchain organizations.

Seetee announced that it purchased 1,170 Bitcoins with the announcement published during the day. In addition, the company has partnered with Blockstream.

“It can go up to millions of dollars”

Kjell Inge Rokke, the owner of the company, sent a letter to the shareholders on Monday. Rokke explained that a similar change could occur in the financial sector, referring to the use of fuel in the world. Aker has stepped into the renewable energy sector as well as oil.

“What if people start questioning the stability of the reserve currency?” Rokke, who asked, explained that this could create a positive atmosphere for Bitcoin. Not denying the possibility of the bitcoin price falling to zero, the billionaire said the price could one day be “millions of dollars”.

Seetee, which will operate within Aker, is expected to cooperate with leading organizations in the sector as well as investing in Bitcoin.


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