Bitcoin History Is On Its Journey To The Top!


Bitcoin (BTC) continues the upward momentum it has caught in the last days. While the leading cryptocurrency wants to reach an all-time high, altcoins want to benefit from this mobility. Finally, Ethereum (ETH) has been on the rise, following Bitcoin. The leading altcoin surpassed the $ 500 level during the day. So when will the expected mobility in other altcoins begin?

Experts generally state that it will be time for sixcoins in the near future. Especially when Bitcoin exceeds its 2017 level of $ 20,000, the number of analysts who think that other cryptocurrencies will rise is not at all.

Didn’t Get Enough Attention

Experts say that Bitcoin has yet to garner similar attention as in 2017. Especially when it is made profitable in 2017, this year’s interest is quite low. We see that Bitcoin is not being researched by people from Google searches, although it has been on the rise this year.

According to Google Trends data, Bitcoin broke a record in terms of interest on December 10-16, 2017. According to the Google Trends scoring system, the search score for the word Bitcoin is 100.This score is 30 from November 8-14, 28 from November 15 to 21 (partial data is missing). showing relative to the highest point. A value of 100 is that the term enjoys the highest popularity. A value of 50 means that the term is half as popular as that. A value of 0 means that there is not enough data for this term.

In short, even half the interest in 2017 is not available now. The striking point here is that despite the fact that many people and companies are investing in Bitcoin every day, they cannot attract attention.

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