Bitcoin Is Getting More and More Popular Among Investors


Fidelity Digital Assets, the Bitcoin and crypto trading arm of Fidelity Investments, says institutional investors continue to be interested in BTC and cryptocurrencies.

In their tweets from their Twitter account, the company revealed some of the findings of the annual Corporate Investor Digital Asset Study, carried out by its analytics firm Greenwich Associates. Fidelity Digital Assets:

“These results show that digital assets continue to be adopted and gained interest by various institutional investors.”

The results of last year’s study showed that 4 out of 10 institutional investors are willing to invest in digital assets in the next five years. At that time, 72% of the institutional investors who participated in the questionnaire preferred to buy investment products with digital assets, 57% preferred to purchase crypto assets directly, and 57% stated that they preferred to purchase investment products with digital asset companies.

Fidelity Digital Assets says the research will help the industry understand the problems that prevent the adoption of digital assets and report the factors that organizations find most appealing to them.

“The results we obtained from the research emphasize that the sentiment of the institutions cannot be summarized in one go and access to digital assets cannot be as simple as a single product or offer of assets.”

Fidelity plans to publish the Corporate Investors Digital Asset Study results later this month.


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