Bitcoin fell sharply after its rapid rise


Bitcoin is breaking a new record every day with its value. The crypto money, which equaled the record of 20 thousand dollars this month ago, soon passed the 30 thousand threshold. Today, Bitcoin, which lost great value compared to yesterday, brought to mind the previous hard fall scenario.

Bitcoin fell 11 percent

Bitcoin, which reached the highest value in history by crossing the 30 thousand dollar threshold at the beginning of the year, lost 11 percent in the markets today. This drop was the biggest one-day drop since September 3, 2020.

With this minus decrease, the market value of Bitcoin was 583 thousand dollars, while the ratio of its value in the total crypto money markets was 68.67 percent. The highest market value of the Bitcoin crypto money was determined as 612 thousand dollars.

The 24-hour transaction volume of Bitcoin, which has increased by 16.28 percent in the past seven days, was $ 87,000. Bitcoin has traded between $ 25,000 and $ 35,000 in the past seven days.

The current value of Bitcoin (January 4) is at the level of 30 thousand dollars.


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