Bitcoin fell $ 1,500 in minutes: $ 1.4 billion of liquidation


Bitcoin price lost $ 1,500 in the morning hours today. This decline resulted in the liquidation of the position of approximately $ 1.4 billion.

Bitcoin reached $ 12,100 at 07:15 on the cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp. In some stock markets, the price was above this level. Then there was a sharp decline. It went down to $ 10,555 around 07.42 and dropped about $ 1550 in less than half an hour. The main drop was in a few minutes between 07.36 and 07.42. The size of the retreat in these few minutes was $ 1400.

While Bitcoin fell 12 percent in value, the drop in Ethereum was more dramatic. The second largest cryptocurrency lost 20 percent in value.

Providing data on the market, Bybt reported that the position of 72 thousand 422 people has been liquidated in the last 24 hours. According to Bybt, the size of the positions liquidated on all exchanges reached $ 1.4 billion. The vast majority of these belonged to traders who played the rise of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, which declined to 10 thousand 559 dollars, is traded from 11 thousand 300 dollars in the minutes when the news goes live, and Ethereum, which decreases to 326 dollars, is traded at 373 dollars when the news is published.

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