Bitcoin exchange Liquid hacked


In a statement made by the crypto money exchange Liquid, it was reported that the user information of the exchange may have been stolen.

Mike Kayamori, CEO of Liquid, one of the well-known cryptocurrency exchanges, said in a statement today that there was an attack on the stock market on November 13.

“A domain hosting company that manages one of our domains inadvertently transferred control of the account and domain name to a malicious actor,” said Kayamori. said. The CEO stated that this access allows hackers to change DNS records and then take control of a number of internal email accounts. It was stated in the statement that the documents stored in the stock exchange were accessed. These may include e-mail accounts, name and surname, addresses and passwords.

The company is investigating whether the attackers or attackers have also accessed identity documents and photos submitted for the customer identification procedure.

Kayamori emphasized that as soon as this unauthorized access was noticed, action was taken and the attack was taken under control. He also stated that the control of the domain name has been regained and the infrastructure has been thoroughly examined.

The CEO recommended that users change their passwords and two-factor authentication and be wary of possible phishing attempts where the data could be used.

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