Bitcoin exchange employee stole customer information, company confirmed


The cryptocurrency exchange Coinsquare confirmed that a former employee was stealing customer information. The company said they increased internal controls after the incident.

Canadian crypto exchange Coinsquare announced that the customer information that a company employee stole as a result of a theft of last year was captured by a ‘hacker’ group.

According to the information contained in the Vice, ‘hackers’ or hackers planned to carry out SIM swap attacks using information that includes email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses. ‘SIM swap attack’ is implemented by using the information of that person effectively to steal and use the person’s phone number.

Coinsquare CEO Cole Diamond said the person mentioned in the news is likely a former employee who stole information about 1.5 years ago.

Internal controls in the stock market were increased

Diamond said that the employee stole the information from the Customer Service system, and the company noticed this a year ago and contacted the police and their infringement investigators. Diamond also announced that the company has increased the level of internal control so that its employees do not leak any insider information.

Stating that the person was trying to damage the company’s reputation due to a theft in the past, Diamond said, “Why would you contact a ‘hacker’ reporter and warn the company?” commented.

Stating that they recommend their customers to use two-step verification and change their information, Diamond did not comment on how many people were affected by this situation.


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