Bitcoin exchange Binance pulls out 6 cryptocurrencies from the stock market


The cryptocurrency exchange Binance continues to periodically remove certain cryptocurrency pairs from its platform.

These crypto pairs that will be removed from Binance are as follows:

BNB pairs: GTO / BNB, REN / BNB
ETH pairs: GVT / ETH, HC / ETH, PPT / ETH

The statement noted that users can buy and sell these crypto coins with other trading pairs on the stock exchange.

Finally, “Cryptocurrency trading carries a high risk. Please take care of your transactions. Binance will make the best effort to select high-quality coins, but is not responsible for any losses in trading. ” grade was deducted.

Binance, which has reached a transaction volume of 8.5 billion dollars in the last 24 hours, is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Traffic data by country shows that the stock market is mostly used by the Chinese after the Chinese, the Russians, the Americans and the Vietnamese.


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