Bitcoin Exchange Binance Crashes!


Bitcoin exchange Binance collapsed again after a few days! Many Binance users around the world are currently having difficulty accessing the site.

Binance, the world’s largest exchange in terms of trading volume, is currently down. An error message is encountered when visiting Binance’s home page. The scale of this access problem is not yet fully understood. The news of “Binance collapsed” continues to spread rapidly.

Stock Market Crash Again

Binance users also had trouble accessing the stock exchange around this time on September 2. This collapse that Binance experienced last week caused the Bitcoin price to drop by hundreds of dollars within a few minutes. Bitcoin exchange Binance is experiencing a similar problem today. Social media posts show that many Binance users around the world cannot access the stock market.

Binance is shown as the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange because it surpasses its competitors in terms of trade volume and site traffic. Therefore, technical problems experienced by Binance can cause serious fluctuations in the crypto money market. However, the scale of the access problem Binance is experiencing today is not yet known. In addition, Bitcoin price continues to hover in the region of $ 10,200-10,400 for now.

Has the Statement Arrived?

The Binance team posted an announcement today at 14:00 and shared information about the access issue on the exchange. In this post they shared on their Twitter account, stock exchange managers announced that they were “aware” of the issue in question. The Binance team also announced that it was “trying to fix” this issue and apologized for the inconvenience to users.

Social media users did not react pleasantly to this statement from the Binance front. Many people are not happy that Binance has collapsed again after just a week. Many investors wondered what would happen if their positions were liquidated in such circumstances. Aware of this situation, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao also shared a post on his Twitter account. Saying that they were “trying” to solve the problem, Zhao personally apologized for the inconvenience caused by the users.

The problem’s been solved

Changpeng Zhao posted another announcement about maintenance work after apologizing to users. Zhao said that they have switched to the old version of the site for now and that the access problem on the home page has been resolved. In his first statement, Zhao stated that the gateway problem is still unsolved and they are continuing to work to fix it.

Almost half an hour later, another statement came from Zhao. Saying that the team has completely fixed the technical fault, Zhao announced that users can now access the stock market without any problems. Zhao also did not neglect to mention that he will give a more detailed explanation as to why this problem occurred during the day.


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