Bitcoin Exceeds 7 Thousand Dollars


Bitcoin price hovered between $ 6,500 and $ 6 thousand during the day. Trying to break the resistance level in front of him for a while, Bitcoin finally succeeded.

Broke Resistance
Today we shared the views of some crypto commentators and mentioned that Bitcoin should exceed the $ 6 thousand 900 level. Bitcoin had been pushing this level for a few hours and eventually managed to break it.

Bitcoin, which has risen above the level of 7 thousand 100 as of now, surprised many people with this performance. We will see where the next stop of Bitcoin will be in a few hours. However, commentators like Crypto Michael think that BTC can perform well if it stays above $ 7 thousand 100.

With the Bitcoin price breaking the resistance at $ 6 thousand 900, many people who took short positions from Bitcoin suffered losses.

According to Datamish data, a total of 86 million dollars short position was liquidated in BitMEX recently. If the price of Bitcoin starts pushing the $ 7,400 level in the coming hours, we can see that this number increases.

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