Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP: these levels are in the next sessions!


Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other cryptocurrencies are showing growth, with the exception of Ripple (XRP), which is still under pressure from the dollar. However, all other major cryptocurrencies are recovering after Facebook surprised and breathed a sigh of relief in the markets. Apple is on the rise after yesterday’s shutdown. It will be important for Apple’s earnings to be positive for another high close. This will allow traders to continue and follow the trend with a solid profit next week. As Somagnews, we convey the factors influencing the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, expected levels and price analysis.

Bitcoin Price Will Rise Above $40,000 If Apple Surprises

There is no denying that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is highly correlated with Nasdaq this reporting season. When the Nasdaq collapsed after Alphabet’s rise on Tuesday, bitcoin took a bearish reversal, losing more than 5 percent of market capitalization due to lost gains. Investors witnessed a similar chart on Tuesday after the close of trading in the US, where Facebook’s earnings turned out to be surprisingly bullish. The BTC price managed to grow, closing above the monthly S1 at $39,099. Thus, the BTC price will explode on a new trading day. We see that investors and bulls buying BTC during the day outweigh bears trying to defend the $39,780 level, preventing bulls from rising above $40,000.

Correlation with Nasdaq and Apple will be crucial, as there will be a side effect of a tailwind that will push the price of BTC above $40,000. This weekend, it surpassed the 55-day simple moving average (SMA) and reached 42,000. The risk of decline is associated with the aforementioned Apple profit. If Apple falls by 10 percent, as it did with Alphabet, we can expect strong growth that will push the price of BTC to the key level of $38,073. If this level is broken, it will be possible to see a further decline to $ 36,709. If more negative news is added on any geopolitical issue, an acceleration to $32,650 is likely.

The price of Ethereum breaks through the $3,000 level in search of ways up to $3,500

The price of Ethereum (ETH) has risen in two days as investors were in a good mood about Facebook’s earnings, which caused a wave of risk in the markets. As more positive news arrives, the price of Ethereum is likely to continue to rise throughout the day. Thus, the ETH price tends to fix at least a two-day series. Apparently, this trend will continue over the weekend, as more and more geopolitical news fades into the background, as tail risks decrease, and consumer demand exceeds the strengthening dollar. If Ethereum continues its momentum, expect to see an exponential move when the bulls break through the 55-day SMA at $3018 and take a big step towards the 200-day SMA at $3,500. This represents a jump of about 23 percent for the price of ETH.

The biggest risk on the Ethereum chart is associated with a deviation from $3018 and the nearest 55-day SMA. The bears will take advantage of this, seeing that the bulls have taken their losses and accelerated the downward pressure on the price as they need to sell. This will mean a drop to $2,700 for Ethereum.

The price of XRP can be considered as an opportunity

The Ripple (XRP) rate can be considered as an excellent technical opportunity to buy among cryptocurrencies. Alphabet’s earnings had a cold shower effect on the markets and caused them to fall. Then the price of XRP fell by more than 7 percent and fell to $0.6264, a historically important key level. The price of XRP saw the relative strength index (RSI) reach the “oversold” line, and since then the price of RSI and XRP has been moving up. This showed that the technical structure makes sense, and prompted the bulls to come and buy these technical indicators. . However, buyers will refrain from selling, and bears, in turn, will start selling at higher prices. The price of XRP looks like it will rise to $0.73, as all this will inevitably cause a rally that will squeeze the bears.

Given Tuesday’s bearish trend, the RSI may just take a breather before returning to the oversold line and trying to break through it. This means that the XRP price is not ready for new highs against yesterday’s high, and the price is slowly and steadily falling back. Once the bears break through $0.6264, the next best level to catch the price action will be around 2 S per month, and the key level is $0.5852. This means that the price of XRP could fall by about 10 percent.