Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB Price Going Back To The Old Days


Bitcoin price on the rise despite everything. Bitcoin price continues to rise despite everything. Thanks to the confidence in the cryptocurrency market, Ethereum and BNB prices are also on the rise.

The crypto money market has entered the recovery process after the downtrend that started in May and continued for about three months. In this sense, the price of Bitcoin rose to the level of the first decline in May. The fact that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were not affected by negative developments as much as before, drew the attention of experts.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB price returns to the old days

The uptrend, which started in the past weeks, has turned down once again. However, Bitcoin’s price managed to stay above $ 40 thousand. The Ethereum price, on the other hand, fell below the $3,000 threshold, which it exceeded in March. However, with Bitcoin’s upward movement, Ethereum price also managed to hold above $ 3 thousand.

BNB price crossed the $300 limit again after a long time. Although Ethereum and Bitcoin rose with small movements, the price of BNB made a much sharper rise. The crypto money, which is based on the $ 400 limit with a 9 percent rise today, is Binance’s crypto money running on its own Smart Chain network, as you know.

Despite some negative news from the USA, the Bitcoin price did not experience a big fluctuation. Especially the crypto money corruption that we face today could not prevent Bitcoin’s move towards 46 thousand dollars.

After the biggest heist of the crypto money market, it was a matter of curiosity how investors would react. Although the price of Bitcoin went down at first, it managed to recover in a short time. BNB, the third-largest asset of the cryptocurrency market, has been on the rise in recent days.

Cryptocurrency market and status of altcoins

According to experts, the small rise of Bitcoin prices caused investors to turn to altcoins. In the market, which has not yet overcome the uneasiness of May, some known altcoins have shown significant increases. HOT, one of the stars of the time, increased by 33 percent today and managed to climb to 0.11. As you know, before HOT fell, it was already past $1. Again, the MATIC cryptocurrency gained 21 percent.

Dogecoin, Elon Musk’s favorite cryptocurrency, is still behind the target of 1 dollar, with a value of 0.27. The rival Dogeco the Shiba is 0.000008 is worth trying to hold on to for a long time. The cryptocurrency had scored a zero before the fall and excited its investors.


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