Bitcoin enters US Senate with Wyoming Senator!


Bitcoin (BTC) looks set to blow in the US senate. According to the announcements, Cynthia Lummis, who invested in Bitcoin in 2013, was elected the new senator of the state of Wyoming during the US elections.

United States 2020 election results continue to be announced. As the vote count was slowly coming to an end, another news concerning cryptocurrencies came from Wyoming. Accordingly, current President Donald Trump-approved Republican candidate Cynthia Lummis won the race for the Senate in Wyoming. However, what makes the job more exciting is the relationship between Lummis and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Wyoming Senator relationship comes from family

Lummis made a few comments about Bitcoin in 2013. According to his statements at the time, Bitcoin was an attractive saving tool for Lummis due to its limited supply. The new senator started to support Bitcoin by investing in BTC in 2013. The price of Bitcoin at that time was $ 300.

Cynthia Lummis, who is preparing to take an oath on January 3, 2021, is thought to have a relationship with cryptocurrencies due to her closeness with her son-in-law Will Cole. Cole currently serves as the Chief Product Officer at Unchained Capital, a cryptocurrency financial services company.

Lummis will be the first woman in Wymoing history to serve as a US Senator. In addition, given the Bitcoin investment in 2013, Lummis is considered to be one of the first Bitcoin advocates in the Senate.

Chnythia Lummis, who carried out various campaigns within the scope of the US elections, reflected his closeness with technology in his campaigns. Emphasizing uranium mining and carbon capture technologies in his campaigns, Lummis also gave messages that would draw reactions such as the ban on arms and abortion throughout the campaign.

Trump declares victory early

Donald Trump, one of the two strong candidates for the US Presidential Election, declared an early victory by making a big announcement, although the elections have not been finalized yet. Trump, who has been President of the United States since 2016, will continue to be President of the United States for another four years, according to his claim. Since the US Presidential Elections have not yet been concluded, these statements are only allegations, but BTC / USD has dropped to $ 13,500 after this claim.


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