Bitcoin does not stop: a new record has arrived!


Crypto coins, which have an important place in our lives, continue to surprise every day, even every minute. Bitcoin, one of the most used crypto coins, has set a new record.

Even if it breaks a record one day and falls rapidly one day, this sector is still in demand all over the world; It pushes many users to crypto money mining.

New record 51 thousand dollars from Bitcoin

Recently, Bitcoin, which has become known to everyone, continues to dominate the crypto money market. The virtual currency, which has been strengthening with the support of billionaire Elon Musk in the last few weeks, attracts attention all over the world.

Bitcoin, which has climbed after the $ 1.5 billion purchase made by Tesla in the past days, made its investors happy again today.

Bitcoin, which continues to both earn and lose in recent days; It exceeded the 51,900 dollar band in the past hours. The market value of bitcoin continues to approach $ 1 trillion. Although this increase in Bitcoin will make investors happy, it is stated that it will not be long-lasting.


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