Bitcoin developer mobility peak shortly before Halving


While the block reward in Bitcoin is about 5 days left to halve, developer mobility in Bitcoin has increased to levels not seen since 2009. On GitHub, the number of commitments on a monthly basis was 510, which is the highest value ever.

According to the information obtained from the current data; With the Bitcoin halving shortly before, developers entered more ‘commit’ than ever before. In April, there was a total of 510 ‘commit’ in Bitcoin Core (Bitcoin’s software), and this was the largest monthly figure since the time BTC was created.

“Commit” is a code uploaded to GitHub. As it is known, GitHub provides hosting service for open source coding projects. Bitcoin Core software is also there.

In just a few months in the history of Bitcoin, the total number of ‘commit’ could approach 500. These months were April and October in 2018 and November in 2019. Many experienced developers can contribute to Bitcoin Core codes, and data from GitGitLog shows that 830 developers are working in the 10-year history of BTC. Currently, 56 active developers have taken over this task.

The development of Bitcoin Core is provided by some companies that provide financing to full-time developers in the industry, in part, through the Digital Money Initiative of MIT. These include companies such as BitMEX, Square Crypto, OKCoin, Bitfinex, Chaincode Labs.

It is still unclear why the number of ‘Commit’ reached its all-time high. This may have been caused by developers spending more time at home or upcoming halving due to coronavirus.


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