Bitcoin Continues To Fall And Reaches $ 33,000


Bitcoin: The last few days have been harrowing and joyful for thousands of investors around the world, as the fall of Bitcoin (BTC) has dragged the entire cryptocurrency market along. According to information from the website CoinTelegraph, this past Monday (24), the coin dropped to as much as $32,967 (about R$181,900 at the current price).

The data reveals that the coin was sold at this price in Bitstamp exchanges, but the figure rose to $33,000 shortly afterward. On Monday afternoon (24), the coin is costing an average of US$ 35,000.

BTC โ€œholdersโ€

Although the fall has dragged several other major cryptocurrencies on the market, such as Solana (SOL), Binance Coin (BNB) and Cardano (ADA), most BTC investors continue to “hold” their assets. According to information from CoinTelegraph, currently, 60% of the total supply of Bitcoin is related to long-term investments that remain unchanged.

The value fell almost 9% in the last fall and reached the lowest level of the last six months and, compared to the month of January, the devaluation already represents almost 30% โ€” the maximum value of Bitcoin was US$ 69 thousand (about BRL 380 thousand).

Despite creating concern and despair in thousands of investors around the world, many see the drops in this market as an opportunity to invest in currencies paying a little less. However, there is still no prediction on what will happen to Bitcoin in the future.