Bitcoin Comment from John McAfee: “No Value”


John McAfee shared a post from his social media account and said that Bitcoin has no value.

John McAfee, one of the most famous names in the technology world, made a new statement about Bitcoin. McAfee , who looked like a strict Bitcoin supporter until a few years ago, has been making anti-Bitcoin rhetoric lately. That was the comment he made today.

Never Believed

John McAfee is an ambitious statement about Bitcoin on July 17, 2017, almost three years ago. made. When McAfee Bitcoin wasn’t even up to $ 20,000 yet, he made a pessimistic estimate of the Bitcoin price and pointed to $ 500,000. McAfee even said that BTC would “eat its own penis” in the absence of 500 thousand dollars in 3 years .

McAfee made an even more ambitious comment almost a year after making this comment and said that BTC could not only go up to $ 500 thousand but also move towards $ 1 million. However, McAfee started updating these recent statements . In his comment, he also talked about this $ 1 million estimate and said that he actually “never believes it could be $ 1 million” . McAfee also emphasized that Bitcoin has no value.

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