Bitcoin Cat preparation: may arrive on November 15


In the last few days, the Bitcoin Cash Difficulty Adjusting Algorithm (DAA) has become a polarizing debate within the community.

In the midst of all the polemics, ViaBTC founder Haipo Yang announced the new BCH fork called Bitcoin Cat.

ViaBTC manager wrote the following on the subject on Twitter on August 6:

“I am thinking of creating a new bifurcation of BCH. It will be called Bitcoin Cat. This is a temporary name. Cats are cute and harmless so they won’t be in any war. ”

Stating that the BCH community needs “real” leaders after this tweet, Yang commented:

“Anyone who is in Bitcoin Cash can participate in building CAT. Let’s make Btcoin big again ”

Haipo Yang, who continued his tweets on the subject on August 6, went beyond the “Bitcoin fork idea” and wrote the following:

“If Bitcoin Cash displaces UTXOs that have not moved since the fork, we can double the block rewards, provide money support to the foundation fund without IFP, and do this without breaking the 21 million limit”

On Friday, the founder of ViaBTC said after putting forward the idea that it caused a lot of controversy in the Chinese society. Haipo Yang said:

“Bitcoin Cat is a fork coin based on Bitcoin Cash and is likely to be born on November 15th.”

Haipo Yang’s Bitcoin Cat will have numerous differences from BCH and other blockchains. Stating that smart contracts will be important, Yang said that basic script operations on Bitcoin are also insufficient.

In addition, Yang stated that the mining algorithm should be changed to be more ASIC-friendly in the future and commented in a blog post, “Even if the Bitcoin mining algorithm is used as usual or any DAA algorithm is used, the hashrate tide will not disappear.”

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