Bitcoin call from arrested dollar billionaire newspaper


The front page of the newspaper owned by the Hong Kong dollar billionaire Jimmy Lai called for Bitcoin: “Bitcoin will never dig your well”

After the arrest of Jimmy Lai, the founder of the Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily and known for his criticism of China, was arrested during the security law debate and was later released on bail, a political announcement was made from the newspaper, including Bitcoin.

On the first page of Apple Daily, there was the article “Bitcoin will never dig your hole”

Under this English text, in Chinese, “Banks… You are not mine to mine today. I am digging your well ”.

According to many experts, the arrest of Lai, who took a pro-democracy stance with his newspaper, was a great shock. Lai, the owner of the newspaper, which reaches 500,000 readers daily, received great support after his arrest.

It is stated that this announcement on the front page of the newspaper was given to the banks that were obstructing the people supporting Hong Kong’s independence. The announcement also said, “Bitcoin started in 2009 and its time is about to come … No one can prevent you from trading on the network. This network can never be shut down. Bitcoin; It can be used by anyone regardless of their gender, identity or beliefs. It was said.

Under the Hong Kong Security Act, serious action has been taking place in the region for nearly a year, as Hong Kong citizens are in danger of losing their current rights and being subject to China’s harsh laws.

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Before Lai’s arrest, only protesters and students were subject to this sanction, but the fate of a dollar billionaire investor is an indication that China will not make any discrimination on this issue.

One of the architects of the Hong Kong story …

Born in Guangzhou to a middle-class family, Lai later came to Hong Kong where he started working as a worker in a clothing factory. Lai, who has succeeded over the years and founded Giordano, an international brand in addition to the Apple Daily press, is seen as one of the most important figures of the Hong Kong success story. The current market value of Apple Daily is around $ 1.2 billion.


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