Bitcoin Bull Novogratz Announces Its Invested Coins


Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz, who also took a place in the industry as a Bitcoin (BTC) bull, explained how he distributed his assets in the cryptocurrency industry. Of course, it was not surprising that the famous BTC investor converted most of his assets to BTC.

Bitcoin Leading Again

Novogratz stated that Bitcoin constitutes 87% of its portfolio in the cryptocurrency industry. The veteran’s investment in Ethereum, who mostly made statements and predictions focused on BTC, was surprising. Novogratz announced that he owns 10% of Ethereum, with the remaining percentage invested in DeFi projects.

Stating that everything except Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency industry is a big mystery, Novogratz also admitted that they are still “impressive projects”. Noting that there are projects to be invested, albeit in small amounts, Novogratz actually emphasized the DeFi frenzy this month.

It is known that the craze seen in the shares of the electronic vehicle giant Tesla is also seen in the crypto money industry this month. In his interview with Bloomberg, Novogratz made this analogy and drew attention to DeFi projects. Stating that some projects collect liquidity very quickly, the billionaire emphasized that he has never seen such a thing in any market.

However, as can be seen from Novogratz’s investment portfolio, the risk presented by DeFi projects limits investment in them. Although projects such as Uniswap come to the fore with very serious gains and increases, the existence of projects such as Hotdog, whose value suddenly drops to zero, should not be forgotten and the risks should be limited.

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