Bitcoin (BTC) Whales At Work Again!


A crypto whale bought 111,259,669 USD of Bitcoin (BTC) in its wallet yesterday and transferred the same amount to an unknown wallet. For this he paid only $ 0.45.

Whale Alert has detected two huge Bitcoin transactions in the past twenty-four hours. Both transfers included the same wallet. First, the whale took 11,660 BTC on its own account, and then sent this huge coin to another wallet. The fee he paid to send this amount of crypto money was less than half a dollar.

Transfer to Anonymous Wallet

On Friday, May 29, the owner of the BTC wallet, 1Lox7GiFiMunSuTCFZxZrkDUX5H3VTiLeq, received a surprisingly high amount of cryptocurrencies: 11,660 BTC ($ 111,259,669). About six hours ago, the same wallet transferred 10,660 BTC (99,840,840 USD) to another unregistered wallet. The fee for this huge amount of transfer was only $ 0.45 (0.00004720 BTC).

However, when we look at the details of the blockchain transaction, we see that the whale sends the same amount of BTC.

Can Be Accepted as Whale with 100 BTC

Blockstream CEO Adam Back shared his view on how much BTC a person should have in order to proudly consider himself a ‘whale.’ According to Back, this amount is 100 Bitcoin.


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