A Bitcoin (BTC) Whale Emptyed Wallet


One of the wealthiest Bitcoin (BTC) holders ever made a major cryptocurrency transfer. Traders are looking for clues as to why the whale has completely emptied a Bitcoin wallet. The address the whale sends BTCs to is anonymous. Crypto tracker Whale Alert has detected the only transaction of 14 thousand 922 BTC worth $ 143.96 million. The cost of this transfer was 0.00003138 BTC, or about $ 0.30.

According to BitInfoCharts, his honey regularly accumulated BTC in this wallet within a month. On April 5, the wallet exceeded 12 thousand 380 BTC. So it reached $ 85.08 million. Thus, it became the 58th richest BTC address in the world.

Until May 13, the wallet passed 10 more to become the 48th richest Bitcoin address, reaching a total of 15 thousand 470 BTC, which was then worth $ 138.15 million.

They are constantly accumulating
According to Glassnode, the number of Bitcoin addresses with at least a thousand BTC dropped shortly after the black Thursday in March, but quickly returned to their high levels as the market recovered.


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