Bitcoin (BTC) Price Sees 10 Thousand Dollars Again


The leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), rose again to the level of $ 10,000. As we reported earlier, BTC had exceeded 9,500 dollars of resistance the day before. The cryptocurrency has grown rapidly in the past few hours, reaching up to $ 10,000.

Analysts also made statements about the future of the rise in Bitcoin.

What’s next?

During the day, we presented you the analysis of popular analyst Aayush Jindal. Jindal stated that if there is a successful break above the $ 9 thousand and $ 9,800 resistance levels, the price is likely to increase further, and the next major resistance is close to the $ 10,000 and $ 10,200 levels. More earnings than Jindal could direct the price to the level of 10,500 dollars.

Another domestic analyst, Crypto Sun, said that Bitcoin is open, and that there is a high probability of reaching 10,500, 11,300 and 11,700 levels, respectively, provided that the leading cryptocurrency does not fall below $ 9,500.

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