Bitcoin (BTC) Price Not Affected By Moderna Vaccine


The company called Moderna, which is trying to develop a Covid-19 vaccine, published an announcement today and announced that a success rate of 94.5 percent was achieved in vaccine studies. The crypto money market, which shocked the first vaccine news, has not yet been affected by the second vaccine news. Bitcoin (BTC) price continues to stay above $ 16,200, despite the announcement made by Moderna. Investors’ curiosity about the course of the market also continues.

The company called Moderna in the USA announced in its statements today that it has developed a Covid-19 vaccine that has achieved almost 95 percent success. The company, which is trying to produce a vaccine against Covid-19 together with Pfizer and BioNTecH, worked with 30 thousand volunteers within the scope of these studies.

What is known about the vaccine?

Moderna received more than a billion dollars in funding to find a vaccine against Covid-19 a few months ago and produce tens of millions of doses from it. The company announced that after a few months of work, it published an announcement today and produced the Covid-19 vaccine, which achieved 95 percent success. So what do we know about this vaccine?

  • Developed by Pfizer and BioNTecH, the vaccine was almost 90 percent successful. The Sputnik V vaccine developed in Russia is thought to have achieved 92 percent success. Moderna’s vaccine, on the other hand, achieves a success of 94.5 percent.
  • The company has given half of the 30 thousand volunteers it has worked with two doses of vaccine at four-week intervals; He gave the other half a placebo within the same time frame.
  • The vaccine produced by Moderna for six months at minus 20 degrees; It can be stored in an ordinary refrigerator for 30 days. Developed by Pfizer, the vaccine can only be stored for five days in an ordinary refrigerator. Therefore, Moderna’s vaccine is thought to be more easily distributed.
  • Both Moderna and Pfizer studied a molecule called mRNA. This molecule enables protein production inside the cell.
  • Moderna’s vaccine has side effects such as joint and muscle pain and weakness. However, the BBC announced that Moderna’s vaccine does not pose a serious risk to safety.
  • Moderna aims to contact regulators in the USA next week and produce 20 million doses of vaccine within the borders of the country. The long-term goal is to produce a total of 1 billion doses in the next year.
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Bitcoin (BTC) price remains stable for now

Bitcoin price continues to be stable after the statements made by Moderna. The price of Bitcoin, which declined to $ 15,800 in the evening, rose to over $ 16,300 in this period.

It is known that the BTC price gave a much more extreme reaction to the first vaccine news. After Pfizer announced that it had developed the Covid-19 vaccine, the Bitcoin price first rose with the stock market, then it almost changed direction and began to lose value with gold. Meanwhile, S&P 500 futures are valued by more than 1 percent as of now. ONS Gold is traded at $ 875.

Famous economist Alex Krüger shared a tweet last week and commented on the impact of the Covid-19 vaccine on the markets. Saying that Bitcoin is among the assets negatively affected by the news of the vaccine, Krüger put it in the same class with precious metals, company shares valued during the coronavirus process like Zoom. Krüger also said that successful implementation of the Covid-19 vaccine could raise the stock market.


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