Bitcoin (BTC) Price Heads To $ 17,000: Analyst Statements


Bitcoin (BTC) price reached $ 16,760 as of press hour, and the $ 16,600 resistance that many analysts touched upon was officially broken. The BTC / USD pair, which fell below the $ 16,000 level on Sunday, raised fears that a sharp decline would come, but the opposite happened. So what do prominent crypto analysts think about this sudden move of BTC?

Bitcoin price exceeded $ 16,600

Cryptocurrency analyst Josh Rager especially drew attention to the $ 16,600 level in his statement about this sudden increase in the Bitcoin price. Rager emphasized the strength of this resistance point, stating that a possible rejection could be seen at the $ 16,600 level. Bitcoin price has literally crushed the $ 16,600 zone and continues to rise.

In the continuation of his statement, Rager stated that if this resistance point is exceeded, an increase of up to $ 17,000 can be experienced.

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