Why Bitcoin (BTC) Price Goes in Flight?

Bitcoin (BTC) surged last night, rising to over $ 10,300.

Over the past few days, BTC remained on the $ 9,500 band and failed to attack. But the asset, which started to rise suddenly last night, briefly remained above 10 thousand 300 dollars. BTC is trading at $ 10 thousand 107 at the time of writing. (Gained 5% in 24 hours.)

Bitcoin pleased investors in this state. Spot investors, in particular, were profitable from this business. However, when looking at the futures market, short sellers suffered losses.

Commenting on the situation, analyst Josh Rager said that the bears were not given the opportunity and said: “BTC is above the daily resistance level. He does not show mercy to the bears and tries to brake over 10 thousand 300 dollars. Closing above $ 10 thousand 370 causes a bull rally. ”

Speaking about the ascension, Crypto Michael used the following statements:

“10 thousand dollars is a great move. The 10 thousand-10 thousand 300 dollar region is critical and needs to be broken. If there was a break, we could see a big move towards $ 11,000. being in general, now in resistance. ”

Analyst Selcoin said:

“ The big bull trend starts in two-day closing on # 600 in # Bitcoin. It will also be a very volatile period. However, no rise is everlasting. I do not recommend installed entries for new buyers. Your psychology does not remove these fluctuating movements. Opportunity comes every few months. ”

Why Bitcoin Rises

Uncertainties prevailed over whether Bitcoin would rise to $ 10,000. Although analysts made different comments, BTC rose suddenly in the morning and overrides technical analysis. So what did the cryptocurrency world say about this rise of BTC?

Speaking about the issue, Crypto Kemal talked about the general uncertainty in the USA. The analyst used the following statements:

“The environment of chaos in America seems to grow, the investor does not like chaos and uncertainty. America was hit hard by Covid and then Floyd. The rise in Bitcoin is an indication of this… ”



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