Bitcoin (BTC) Market Cap Sets A Record: $ 330 Billion


While the price of Bitcoin (BTC) went up to $ 17,800 and rose more than 60 percent in a month, BTC’s market value reached an all-time high and broke a record. The market value of Bitcoin, which reached up to $ 20,000 in December 2017, broke a record at that time with $ 328 billion. Bitcoin today set a new record, seeing the number of $ 330 billion.

Bitcoin (BTC) price, which exceeded $ 17,000 during the day, reached $ 17,800 in the evening today. While the Bitcoin bulls wondered whether the BTC price will go up to $ 20,000 and break a new record, a first in the Bitcoin market. According to Coin Metrics data, the market value of Bitcoin exceeded $ 328 billion and broke a new record.

A new peak in 12 years of adventure

Bitcoin entered the December 2017 lane at a price of $ 2,000 and rose to $ 20,000 on December 16, 2017. The produced supply of Bitcoin at that time was several hundred thousand less than it is now. Archive records of CoinMarketCap show that the supply of Bitcoin at that time was around 16 million 700 thousand.


According to the data of the crypto money research firm Coin Metrics, the market value of BTC at the time when the price rose to 20 thousand dollars was 328 billion dollars. As of today, the market value of Bitcoin, which has 18 million 564 thousand 75 supply, has reached 330 billion dollars with the increase in price.

Today, BTC / USD, which exceeded $ 17,000 for the first time after 2 years, has reached $ 17,780. In order for Bitcoin to equal the price record of December 2017, it needs to be valued by roughly 13 percent.


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