Bitcoin (BTC) Keith Biden’s Comment from MicroStrategy at the Bitcoin Conference


Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, a business analytics company known as the Bitcoin whale (BTC) and listed on Nasdaq, explains that BTC will reach record highs thanks to Biden and the events of the Bitcoin conference.

Biden Returns to Cryptos

The second day of the Bitcoin Conference in Miami has ended, and its third part is scheduled today. Saylor also attended the conference and in the process bought 21,454 bitcoins and replenished his reserves to about 130,000 BTC. Continuing the continuity of his investments in Bitcoin, Saylor also states that these investments will last for a long time.

Saylor claims that Bitcoin is an independent system and that it is the deepest among the public blockchain applications that are the basis of digital currencies. In addition, Saylor does not miss Ethereum and declares that Ethereum will become the most dominant smart contract platform in 2021.

In addition, Saylor states that the rules set by President Biden for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are actually a 180-degree turn. As for Biden, who gave the “green light” to Bitcoin, Saylor emphasizes that he really had to do it, and as the orientation of the public increased, governments were forced to intervene in this situation. In addition, Saylor emphasizes that such a situation with changing the system has never happened before.

Acceptance of BTC

Saylor claims that previously Bitcoin was considered as an eastern technology, but in the current situation Bitcoin will become more Westernized by the steps of Europe and America. However, Saylor adds that global adoption will also increase, and now BTC will replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

It is clearly seen that Bitcoin’s acceleration is increasing rapidly. Many people are also concerned about the rules. However, Saylor states that these concerns are unfounded and that the blockchain has a solid structure. On the other hand, Saylor states that it is impossible to make a clear comment about the speed and sharpness of the global adoption of Bitcoin, but he predicts that positive changes are just around the corner. Saylor also reports that he considers Bitcoin as a safe haven to avoid inflation and protect the interests of commercial companies.