Bitcoin (BTC) Call From Winklevoss To Kanye West


Sensational singer Kanye West announced last month that he would run for president of the United States of America (USA). As it is known, West made statements stating that he entered the cryptocurrency industry in 2018. Later, the famous singer talked about Bitcoin positively in an interview. All of this has led to comments that Kanye West’s presidency will have positive consequences for Bitcoin.

Famous billionaire and Bitcoin advocate Cameron Winklevoss will also see the light that Kanye West will be good for Bitcoin, and he made a call to him on Twitter. Referring to Kanye West’s 2020 plan, Winklevoss used the following statements:

“Let’s talk about how Mr. Kanye West can make #Bitcoin a part of # 2020VISION.”

The Winklevoss Brothers Work Hard

The Winlevoss brothers are working hard to increase Bitcoin adoption. The twins, who met Dave Portnoy, one of the most important internet phenomena in the USA, tried to convince him about Bitcoin. After this conversation, Portnoy invested 200 thousand dollars in Bitcoin. Fenomen also made an investment of 50 thousand dollars for Chainlink (LINK).

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