Bitcoin (BTC) is Over $ 9,000! Bitcoin (BTC) is over $ 9,000 again!


Nevertheless, CME, one of the major Bitcoin derivative platforms, launched its new Bitcoin option product last week, with a great bullish prospect. The Bitcoin option, which reached a transaction volume of more than $ 2 million even on the first day, definitely caused many crypto investors to think that “institutional investors started buying.”

The fact that institutional investors that Bitcoin has already acquired with Bakkt have been folded with the new product of CME has increased the buying appetite. The Fear and Greed Index, an important Bitcoin indicator, also pointed to a point that has not been seen for a long time. The indicator, where investors rose to 82 in terms of greed, recently revealed that the price of Bitcoin could increase.

Bitcoin Exceeds $ 9,000!
As of the writing of this article, Bitcoin is trading at $ 9,104 and has achieved a 2.80% increase in the last 24 hours. The fact that bitcoin has exceeded the $ 9,000 resistance point above $ 8,900 indicates that there may be days of bullishness ahead of us. It is quite possible that the price will take us to new records, especially in these days when we are moving towards the block prize halfway.

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