Bitcoin Breaks Records In These Seven Countries!


Famous investors Alistair Milne, 7 countries including Turkey on Twitter Bitcoin found on a share on the ATH rates. Brazil, alongside countries such as Argentina Turkey to the place that Milne, said the list will be added soon in Russia and Colombia.

Alistair Milne, Bitcoin has listed ATH record-breaking countries and share the list with found during the first Brazil was followed by Turkey. The share of the investor, who stated that Russia and Colombia will join this list soon, received many positive comments.

What are the ATH rates of the countries?

According to CoinGecko data, the ATH rates of the countries listed by Alistair Milne are as follows as of October 22:

  • Brazil
    1 BTC = 72.247.27 Brazilian Real
  • Turkey
    On October 21, BTCTRY refreshed the record and went above 100,000 TL. Following the PayPal news, this figure is currently at the level of 100.472 TRY.
  • Argentina
    1 BTC = 1,000,300 Argentine Pesos
  • Sudan
    1 Bitcoin = 716,078.68 Sudanese Pounds
  • Angola
    1 BTC = 8,480,194.95 Angolan Kwanza (according to Google Conversion based on Morningstar & Coinbase data)
  • Venezuelan
    1 BTC = 3,200,525,292,257 Venezuelan Bolivars
  • Zambia
    1 BTC = 263,132.64 Zambian Kwacha (Google Conversion)
    “Fiat coins perform worse than Bitcoin”

Jason Deane, finishing the article he shared, stated that 13.8% of the currencies used in the world performed poorly than Bitcoin. In other words, although 12.20% of the world population has bought Bitcoin, they can utilize and protect their assets much better than the remaining population.


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