Bitcoin Black Friday is back


Bitcoin Black Friday, which was launched in 2012 and terminated last year, is back under the umbrella of Bitcoin Magazine.

Bitcoin Black Friday, the shopping event that started its activities in 2012, runs on and brings Bitcoin-accepting sellers and Bitcoin users together, has returned from last year’s decision to terminate.

The event in question was held every year in order to understand the use of crypto money. Significant discounts were offered when shopping with Bitcoin. Jon Holmquist, the founder of Bitcoin Black Friday, said in a statement last year that the site successfully completed its mission and achieved the set goal, and after 7 years and 6 successful events, he reported that he decided not to continue the Bitcoin Black Friday. Scaling problems in Bitcoin were also effective in this decision.

Bitcoin Black Friday resumed its operations under Bitcoin Magazine as a result of advances in the use of Bitcoin for shopping, such as the evolution of the Lightning Network and the emergence of new payment solutions.

While 300 businesses attended the Bitcoin Black Friday in the first year, this number has multiplied each year and the event has been held with thousands of businesses in recent years.

Black Friday will take place on November 27 this year.

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