Bitcoin beats B3 and is already worth more than the entire Brazilian stock market


Bitcoin: On Tuesday (13), Bitcoin reached its highest peak in history. According to data from Coindesk, the price of the cryptocurrency increased 5.68% in 24 hours and exceeded the value of US $ 63 thousand worldwide – about R $ 358,770.

According to Documenting Bitcoin, the virtual currency is now worth more than the entire stock market of the Brazilian B3 exchange. In a comparison: Bitcoin is worth $ 1.19 trillion, while the total value of Brazilian shares is $ 1.17 trillion.

The last wave of Bitcoin growth began on April 8, 2021. In just five days, the value of the cryptocurrency has grown by more than $ 7,000 – approximately $ 39,700.

According to analysts, the price of the currency is on the rise due to the entry of the American cryptocurrency broker Coinbase on the stock exchange. Listed on Nasdaq, the company’s securities will be made available on April 14.

It is worth mentioning that Coinbase will be the first crypto company to go public. Prior to the initial public offering, the brokerage disclosed the financial reports for the first quarter of 2021 and its revenue was $ 1.8 billion and profits about $ 800 million.

Bitcoin ups and downs

Bitcoin surpassed the $ 60,000 mark in mid-March, but had a significant drop and reached $ 51,000. On Tuesday afternoon, the cryptocurrency had a slight drop compared to the maximum reached in the morning.


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