Bitcoin is armed against the attacks of states and large companies


The Internet is increasingly centralized in the hands of large companies and nation states. This poses a potential security issue for decentralized technology systems. The latest version of Bitcoin Core addresses the attacks of states and large companies.

Bitcoin Core released a new update yesterday under the name “Bitcoin Core 0.20.0”. The new version of Bitcoin also includes experimental software to protect nationwide players from attacks that can effectively disrupt the Bitcoin network.

As mentioned by CoinDesk, this new configuration, called “Asmap”, provides protection against the “Erebus” attack that is theoretical and has not occurred so far. The Erebus attack allows nation states and / or large internet providers such as Amazon Web Services to spy on, double spend or censor Bitcoin transactions. The attack hypothesis was first put forward last year with the collaboration of researchers from Singapore National University, Moi Tran, Inho Choi, Gi Jun Moon, Anh V. Vu and Min Suk Kang.

The solution for the attack, placed in the 20th version of the code of Bitcoin, makes the largest cryptocurrency more resistant to censorship. Not only Bitcoin, but almost all cryptocurrencies can face the threat of an Erebus attack. In the article on the subject, it is stated that other coins such as Dash (DASH), Litecoin (LTC) and Zcash (ZEC) carry similar attack risks.

The prospects of states or large companies to attack Bitcoin have always been a matter of concern. Although it seems almost impossible for such attacks to disrupt Bitcoin’s system, Bitcoin developers are preparing for the slightest possibility.


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