Bitcoin, Also Limits 41 Thousand Dollars


Bitcoin continued to rise rapidly, breaking the $ 41,000 mark for the first time in history. The crypto currency, which gained 10% value in 2 days, continues to progress rapidly to become crypto gold.

Bitcoin continues to break record after record. The crypto money, which rose and fell again to 37 thousand dollars, recovered rapidly and exceeded the 41 thousand dollar threshold for the first time in history.

Bitcoin, which has gained approximately 30% value in the last 3 months, continues to increase the value of the crypto money market. This rise in Bitcoin is seen as permanent by most strategists, and the value of the crypto currency is expected to increase even more in the coming days.

Bitcoin will continue to rise, according to market analysts

We have shared with you that Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether values ​​are increasing gradually, thus the market value of crypto money has exceeded 1 trillion dollars for the first time in history. Bitcoin continues to rise without slowing down and keep its investors happy.

Just before exceeding $ 41,000, Bitcoin began to decline, and the value of crypto money was $ 37,000. Surprisingly, Bitcoin recovered its strength and managed to reach the level of $ 41,220. This rise of Bitcoin was seen by many as temporary, but after the latest analysis, many strategists started to think that it is not very impossible for Bitcoin to reach 146 thousand dollars.

Edward Moya, senior market analyst of Oanda, of the major US investment companies, spoke as follows; “Investors continue to jump on the ever-faster Bitcoin train. The factor that encourages investors to Bitcoin will not go away anytime soon. Rising inflation due to COVID-19, stimulus packages of governments and central banks show that Bitcoin will continue its path rapidly. “

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