Bitcoin: ‘Affordable’ Mining Rig Hits TikTok


Bitcoin: In recent weeks, a viral video on TikTok has been catching the attention of users interested in cryptocurrencies. Published by Idan Abada, the short shows a “portable” mining device working on a Starbucks unit while generating a small amount of bitcoins.

The Abada device is quite simple and works with a ten-port USB hub: they house combs equipped with two mining ASICs boards. Costing $875, or $4,400 in direct conversion, the set yields about $9.35 a month at Bitcoin’s current quote, or about $48. it would not work without the use of free electricity.

This is due to the cost required to keep the mining system running, which in this case requires a computer or notebook in addition to the USB set. Considering the price of kWh in Los Angeles (California, USA), where Abada resides, around US$ 16 would be needed to keep the equipment turned on throughout the month, resulting in a loss of almost US$ 6 at the end of the operation.

However, Abada is aware of the fact and was one of the first to see it after the video’s repercussions: “Actually, it’s hard to profit from it unless you have free electricity,” he comments. His goal with the publication was, in fact, to demonstrate how easy it is to participate in the Bitcoin mining process — something he believes should be democratized, not just limited to “professionals”.

On the other hand, the set developed by Abada is not entirely “useless”. The system still has educational and even recreational value, demystifying the difficulty in accessing the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Committed to the cause, TikToker states: “I am dedicated to teaching and helping beginners around the world to mine cryptocurrencies in their own homes.”


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