Bitcoin Ads Everywhere: Be Your Own Bank!


A local Bitcoin community has pooled funds to spread Bitcoin-based ads across Hong Kong, encouraging citizens to “be their own bank”.

A nonprofit organization in Hong Kong is spreading ads to educate citizens about Bitcoin. Ads encourage users to “be their own bank”.

Trams and bank locations in Hong Kong will display billboards by October 8th.

Placed Near Banks

Trams and landmarks near Hong Kong’s famous banks will showcase Bitcoin ads by October 8 with a local non-profit Bitcoin initiative.

The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong (BAHK), which organizes meetings in the city and promotes the use of Bitcoin, announces the “risks and benefits of Bitcoin” through billboard advertisements in some regions with heavy visitor traffic.

“More US dollars were printed in 2020 than in 2009,” he said in an ad. There will be only 21 million Bitcoins, ”and they point to the continuous money printing that has led to widespread fear of inflation in the US.

“We hope that the campaign will give us the opportunity to discuss how Bitcoin is adapting to the rapidly digitalizing global economy, the opportunities and dangers of major technological advances, and the consequences of digital, verifiable scarcity,” the BAHK said in a statement.

Tens of Thousands See it Every Day

The Bitcoin message appears on three double-decker trams carrying more than 200,000 passengers every day and billboards near various bank headquarters such as HSBC and Standard Chartered in the bank district of Chater Garden.

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