Bit Life: how to win the lottery


There are several ways to get rich in BitLife, and winning the lottery is one of them. Indeed, the characters who hit the jackpot will leave with millions and should be tuned for life. However, winning the lottery in BitLife can take quite a long time, and this guide describes in detail how players should approach this.

BitLife: how to win the lottery

The easiest way to win the lottery begins with the accumulation of a solid financial foundation. Although the exact amount of money that mobile game players need to earn initially will vary from character to character, about $10,000 should be enough. Freelance concerts provide a good opportunity to get this amount, and it will only take a few playing years.

With about $10,000 in hand, players must find the lottery on the “Actions” tab and start buying lots of 10 tickets. Each of these games costs $50, and fans of life simulation games should just keep buying them until they have a winning ticket. Although this can be quite a tedious process, since the jackpot is quite rare, persistent players must become lottery winners before they spend all their money.

For those players who are not interested in spending so much time winning the lottery, there are times when you can be almost sure that the lucky ticket is just a few purchases away. At these moments, fans receive notifications that now is the right time to play. However, there are few such notifications, and BitLife players certainly should not expect to receive them in a timely manner.

The Lucky Dice family heirloom also makes it easier to win the lottery, and players must buy several tickets immediately after receiving it. However, there are almost 100 family heirlooms in the game, which makes the chances of getting Lucky Dice quite low. Thus, players who really want to win the jackpot are likely to achieve the greatest success simply by suffering in the process of buying a large number of tickets.

As noted earlier, winning the lottery is not the only way to get rich in the game, and fans may want to consider other options available to them. In most cases, these options take the form of various professions in BitLife, and doing a high-paying job can be a less tedious path to making a fortune. Nevertheless, winning the lottery is undoubtedly very exciting, and there is even an achievement associated with it.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS.


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