Bit Life: how to give birth to twins and triplets


Although it is not necessary, the characters in BitLife can have children. In fact, in this life simulation game, the characters may even have twins and triplets, and indeed, some players may be interested in making this happen. For those fans who would like their characters in BitLife to have twins and triplets, this guide details the options they can use.

It should be noted that although characters can have twins and triplets without any intervention, this happens very rarely. Thus, mobile game players are encouraged to take a more active approach and study fertility parameters on the “Actions” tab. Indeed, there are two fertility options that will increase the chances of having twins or triplets, and more detailed information about them can be found below.

BitLife: how to give birth to twins or triplets

The first option is available only to female characters under the age of 50, and this is artificial insemination. Although BitLife characters will have to negotiate with their partners to perform this procedure, it will definitely facilitate the birth of twins or triplets. However, there is no guarantee that a character using artificial insemination will eventually give birth to twins or triplets, although there is a trick that players can use to make the birth of multiple children guaranteed.

In particular, this trick comes into play at the moment when players are notified of the results of artificial insemination. If this notification does not indicate that there are twins or triplets, fans of life simulation games should not accept or close the hint. Instead, they should close the BitLife app completely and reopen it to get new results. Players must then repeat this process until they have the desired type of pregnancy.

The second fertility option is IVF, and both male and female characters can use it if they can’t get pregnant without intervention. As in the case of artificial insemination, the procedure must be agreed within the framework of the relationship, and disputes may arise about this. However, players who aspire to have twins and triplets should not give up on this issue, as IVF will make achieving this result much more likely.

It is noteworthy that players can also use the trick described earlier with ECO. Again, this trick is performed by simply closing the application when an undesirable result appears. Although players may need to do this several times before the result indicates twins or triplets, this is absolutely the best way to ensure a multiple pregnancy in this free game.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS.


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